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The Bachelor: The Women Tell All Preview

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The Bachelor Preview



Monday on The Bachelor, the women are going to tell all. Not just some of it. ALL of it.

Do you want to miss it? According to the preview, you don't. Besides, if you watched the Overnight Dates, you should keep watching until the proposal. Otherwise people will think you're some kind of tramp.

So what will the women be telling us? All, obviously. But more specifically, they'll tell us how much they like Sean and how much they hate Tierra.

We'll also hear from Sarah "Why does this always happen to me?" Herron, Desiree "You're making the biggest mistake of your life" Hartsock and AshLee "DON'T FOLLOW ME" Frazier.

Ultimately, The Women Tell All episode is a proving ground for the next season's Bachelorette. According to E! Online, Chris Harrison will announce America's newest sweetheart during The Bachelor finale on March 11th.

Rumored to be in the running are Desiree, AshLee, Lesley and Sarah. This season's runner-up is also a viable candidate. If either Catherine or Lindsay is announced as the next Bachelorette, it would be just moments after we watch Sean reject her. They could call her season The Bachelorette: Rebound Love or The Bachelorette: She Wasn't Into Sean Anyway.

We're pretty sure Tierra won't be the next Bachelorette. Besides the fact that she's recently engaged, America already hates her. And they need a Bachelorette we won't hate until her season's at least half over.

Calculate the candidates' Q scores for yourself on Monday, March 4th, when ABC premieres The Bachelor: The Women Tell All.