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The Bachelor: Episode 5 and 6 Preview

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Bachelor Preview


Get your affairs in order, Bachelor fans. This week Sean and the remaining bachelorettes make spectacles of themselves two nights in a row.

After Monday's regularly scheduled episode, we'll only have 24 hours to recover before another all-new episode of The Bachelor airs at the same time (8/7C) on Tuesday night. This show isn't for the weak.

So fill a vase with roses and your medicine cabinet with Xanax, and prepare yourselves to be overwhelmed with the beauty and the agony of made-for-TV love.

Monday's episode begins with 11 hopefuls still vying for the top spot on Season Sean. By the end of Tuesday's episode, five of them will take a one-way limo ride to Loserville.

Episode five of The Bachelor ships everyone to Whitefish, Montana. Eight bachelorettes compete in a "Montana relay race," which seems to involve various farming activities. This provides Sean the opportunity to determine which of the women has the appropriate skill set.

hay-bale-episode-5-the-bachelor-photo-cbsLadies, it's important to Sean that his wife knows how to bale hay.

According to the ABC preview , the challenge also involves "milking a goat and chugging its milk!" The Bachelor's production staff is filled with sadists.

chris-harrison-episode-5-photo-cbsYour willigness to humiliate yourselves amuses me.

The real drama begins after the competition, when Sean "makes a surprising decision when it comes to the losing team that is bound to upset the winners." See what happens when you let people chug goat's milk? Also, Tierra crashes the after-party.

canoe-episode-5-the-bachelor-photo-cbsHey Catherine, have you ever seen Deliverance?

Whoever survives episode five is flown to Lake Louise, Canada where the bachelorettes are tested for extreme temperature tolerances. At least one fails the test.

The good news is Banff Tourism now offers a Lake Louise Bachelor Package  so "all travelers now have the opportunity to enjoy Banff and Lake Louise like Sean and the ladies did." Ambulance fees are not included.