Survivor: Caramoan - Meet Shamar

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Shamar, a 27 year old from Brooklyn, New York, and "Fan" on this season's Survivor: Caramoan knows about hardship.

In his CBS interview video, the Marine Corp sergeant says he spent 14 days on a hill in Iraq during the Battle of Fallujah. So Shamar isn't worried about handling the environment on Survivor. He considers "coconuts" and "water" to be "amenities."

shamar-survivor-caramoan-photo-cbsShamar, "Fan"

Shamar says Rupert is the Survivor contestant he most resembles "because he played the game with honor." Sometimes "playing with honor" looks a lot like "being a sanctimonious blowhard," neither of which is particularly entertaining.

His strategy is "destroying everybody." He will "take their socks" and "eat their food." Shamar will do so, of course, in the most honorable way possible.

In his CBS bio, Shamar says he joined Survivor "to bring awareness to economical/social injustices and to bring honor and respect back to my community while inspiring the forgotten." So Shamar's going to be pretty busy this season.

Become aware and inspired by Shamar starting Wednesday, February 13th, when CBS premieres a two-hour episode of Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites.