Survivor: Caramoan - Meet Michael

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44 year old New Yorker Michael Snow joins this season of Survivor: Caramoan as a "Fan."

In his interview video, Michael says he's "a freelancer in the world of corporate meetings." We have no idea what that means. It's probably a euphemism for something nefarious.

michael-survivor-caramoan-photo-cbsMichael, "Fan"

According to his CBS bio, Michael was "a founding member of the Whole World Theatre in Atlanta." We don't know what that is either, but it apparently involves the whole world. So that's pretty big.

Michael's hobbies include "knitting" and "photobombing." We don't know what "photobombing" is either. It doesn't seem to go with "knitting" though. Maybe it has something to do with "freelancing in the world of corporate meetings." Michael's life confuses us.

Michael thinks he'll win Survivor with his "strong social game." Oftentimes, "strong social game" is code for "lacks athletic skill." Hopefully they'll have some knitting challenges this year.

Get to know the real Michael starting Wednesday, February 13th, when CBS airs the two-hour premiere of Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites.