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The Amazing Race Preview: Episode 5, "Your Tan Is Totally Cool"

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Amazing Race Preview



According to this week's Amazing Race preview, the teams are heading to Hanoi, Vietnam where heat, humidity and a Double U-Turn are waiting for them.

"One team will quit," says the voice-over guy. And he says it like he means it. But he doesn't say what the team quits. A task? The race? Smoking?

A review of the remaining teams indicates a couple of possibilities.

Friends Pam and Winnie finished second in last week's leg, but almost went home in week two after becoming lost in the Pacific Ocean. Their ability to perform a task is not in question, but their ability to find it can be a real problem. We don't see this team quitting. Disappearing, maybe, but not quitting.

Honeymooners Max and Katie spent the first three legs at the back of the pack, but finished last week in third place. All we know about them is Katie's kind of mean and Max is a crappy driver. It's possible they have a big fight and quit, but it's unlikely. They haven't been married long enough to work up that kind of rage.

Caroline and Jennifer finished tenth in the first leg, but have progressed steadily. The singers were fourth to the Pit Stop last week. People don't quit when they're on an upward trend.

The You Tube team and the roller derby moms continue to hover around the middle of the pack. Mona and Beth seem focused, and Joey and Meghan have been so relentlessly enthusiastic we can't imagine them quitting.

Hockey brothers Bates and Anthony finished each leg in the top three until last week, when they fell to seventh place. These two are used to playing games where you're whacked in the head with things. We don't see them quitting over, say, a rickshaw race.

The two teams that seem most likely to quit are last week's first place finisher, Dave and Connor, and eighth place finisher, Chuck and Wynona.

Chuck's dogged determination is the only thing keeping his team in the race. Wynona, you may recall , is the one who hurt herself before the race even started. While Wynona has been cooperative and supportive, her athletic ability appears more suited for a show like The Price is Right.

David and Connor have the best record of the remaining teams. They've finished in the top three for every leg, even though David's been on crutches half the time.

But regardless of David's willingness to continue, he may not be physically capable of finishing the race. In fact, if someone on crutches can win your race, you should probably stop calling it a race.

Find out whose tan is cool on Sunday, March 17th, when CBS airs the next episode of The Amazing Race.