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The Amazing Race News: Monkeys, Squirrels and Morons

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This week's episode of The Amazing Race made us wonder, if you really love something, would you keep it in your bra?


1. That Monkey Forest looked scary. Do the monkeys ever attack people?

It depends what you mean by "attack." According to visitor accounts, the monkeys can be aggressive. However, you should be all right as long as you follow a few basic precautions: (1) Don't have food with you, (2) don't make noise, (3) don't wear jewelry, sunglasses or clothes with anything shiny on them, and (4) don't carry any bags.

ghost-costumeAppropriate dress for the Monkey Forest.

2. Why didn't John and Jessica use the Express Pass?

According to John's interview with TV Guide, he hoped one of the other teams had a penalty or the leg was a non-elimination leg. If so, he could finish the surfboard task and stay in the race, Express Pass intact.

3. So he really didn't want to use that Express Pass, did he?


phil-and-greeter-i-love-monkeys-photo-cbsWhat can you do?

4. Why did John say he didn't "need a million dollars?"

John told HitFix he was being "philosophical." "We're super-competitive people," he says. "It would be super-fun to win." But "it's super-important to recognize that we don't need this million dollars, that that would just be icing on the cake."


5. Did that guy get his sarongs back?

Jessica says they returned them.

6. Connor played dirty by looking at Winnie's surfboard. Isn't that cheating?

If it's OK with Phil, it's OK with us.

7. Why would anyone keep a flying squirrel in her bra? Can they really die of lonliness?

Keeping a pet in your bra seems like a bad idea. We assume she wasn't wearing the bra while the squirrel was in it. We can't even imagine what kind of bra would accommodate such an arrangement.

According to this website, flying squirrels, or "sugar gliders," require at least three hours of quality time every day "to even come close to meeting their emotional needs."


Tune in next Sunday, 8/7C, when CBS airs another episode of The Amazing Race.