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The Amazing Race News: The Amazing Shemozzle

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Many of you are wondering if the "shemozzle race" featured on Sunday's The Amazing Race is a real event or just something invented by sadistic TV producers.

Others worry how many more episodes will feature the saga of David's calf muscle.

Read on for the answers to these and other Amazing Questions.

1. Is there really a "shemozzle race?"

Yes. The Huntaway Festival in Hunterville, New Zealand has held a Shepherd's Shemozzle for the last 15 years. Shepherds run the race with their dogs. The details of each race aren't revealed until minutes before it begins. Last year's race had about 70 participants.

2. Is the real race like the one we saw on The Amazing Race?

According to the official shemozzle website, the Amazing Racers got off easy. Past shemozzles required competitors to eat raw eggs, Weet-Bix, huhu bugs and a sheep's eye. One year the racers had to carry bull testicles in their mouth during a 50 meter sprint.

bull-testicles-shemozzleContest sponsored by bull testicle merchants

3. What's Weet-Bix?


4. Why would anyone enter a shemozzle?

Prizes include $2500, a jacket and a bag of dog food.

5. Who came up with the idea?

Contests at other New Zealand festivals include rolling chocolate balls downhill, running with sheep, and throwing gumboots. It's just how these people do things.

6. What breed is Tim the dog?

tim-the-dogTim the Dog and friends

We're guessing Tim's a Huntaway, a New Zealand sheep dog. Hunterville has a statue of one in its town square.

7. Are David and Connor quitting The Amazing Race?

David and Connor are cancer survivors, and having cancer is just like appearing in a game show. You don't quit. David's told us this many times. Pay attention.


Find out if any Amazing Racers are beat by an old guy on crutches this Sunday, March 10th, when CBS airs the next episode of The Amazing Race.