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The Amazing Race: Matthew and Daniel

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Meet Matthew Davis and Daniel Moss, firefighters from Gaffney, South Carolina.

According to their CBS bio, Matthew and Daniel "aren't very cultured," and "don't know much about how other countries operate." Don't worry guys. All kinds of idiots do well in this race.

matt-daniel-amazing-race-photo-cbsMatthew and Daniel

Matthew loves "backyard football" and "going to haunted houses in the fall." Spring's not a bad time for them either, but haunted houses are boring in the winter and summer. The temperature extremes make ghosts lethargic.

According to Matthew, "Daniel does not have much common sense." Also, Daniel "picks his nose in public a lot" and often fails to keep his waistband above his rear end.

Daniel loves to hunt and fish, and says his proudest accomplishment is "winning two state football championships in high school." He's only 24, so it's not as sad as it sounds.

Daniel describes himself as "charming." That's not what we hear, booger boy. He says Matthew "never listens to my ideas." Like to wear a belt, perhaps? We're siding with Matthew on that one.

Season 22 of The Amazing Race premieres Sunday, February 17th, on CBS.