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The Amazing Race: Bates and Anthony

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Hockey fans will recognize Amazing Racer Bates Battaglia, who played left wing for the Carolina Hurricanes, Colorado Avalanche, Washington Capitals and Toronto Maple Leafs during his NHL career. Little brother Anthony currently plays for the Huntsville Havoc.

The Battaglia brothers also own Lucky B's, "the classiest dive bar in Raleigh." We're not familiar with the dive bar situation in Raleigh, but being the classiest doesn't seem like something you'd lie about.

According to their CBS interview, Bates and Anthony have "good personalities" as well as experience traveling through foreign countries. Also, Anthony can take out his front teeth. How can they lose?

 Bates and Anthony

Anthony's biggest travel-related fear is "flying" and "being around strangers." You'd think after a few years on the NHL circuit you'd be relieved to meet people who aren't going to whack you in the head with a hockey stick.

Anthony says his biggest problem with his brother is that "he is always putting me down." He joinedThe Amazing Race because "I want to show my brother that I can win." Anthony's got some emotional baggage.

So what does Bates think about Anthony? "He's lazy," says Bates. We're beginning to detect a power imbalance in this relationship.

Find out whether Anthony earns his brother's love on this season of The Amazing Race, starting Sunday, February 17th, on CBS.