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The Amazing Race: Mona and Beth

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Roller derby fans may recognize Amazing Racers Mona and Beth as "Triple Shot Misto" and "Fiona Grapple" of the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls. 

The rest of us will get to know them during this season of The Amazing Race, during which they presumably will go by "Mona" and "Beth."


amazing-race-22-mona-beth-photo-cbsMona and Beth

Mona is a 33 year old mother of three from Castle Pines, Colorado. When she's not raising children or hip whipping the jammer, Mona provides captioning services for the hearing-impaired.

Beth, who also has three children, works in tech support. After spending all day telling people where their computer's "on" button is, Beth probably can't wait to get on the track and J-block some bitches.

According to their CBS bio, Mona's "pet peeve" about Beth is she "tends to not always state her true feelings." It's probably for your own protection, Mona.

Beth, however, says she and Mona "don't have any 'issues.'" How can roller derby girls not have any issues?

In their interview video, Mona and Beth assure us their roller derby experience gives them an advantage. Once you've competed with players like Sweet Mary Pain and the Casstrator, it's hard to be intimidated by people on a network game show.

To find out who Triple Shot Misto and Fiona Grapple take down first, watch The Amazing Race starting Sunday, February 17th, on CBS.