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The Amazing Race: Jamil and Idries

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Let's meet twin brothers Jamil and Idries Abdur-Rahman, 36 year old OB-GYNs from Ottowa, Illinois and one of the teams on this season of The Amazing Race.

In their CBS intro video, Jamil, or maybe it's Idries, says they represent many "cross-sections" of the population: African-Americans, twins, Muslims, doctors. So the casting people got to check off a lot of boxes with these two.

amazing-race-22-jamil-idries-cbsJamil and Idries

According to Jamil, they check a lot of boxes for customs agents too. In his CBS bio, he says his biggest travel-related fear is "returning home when you have a name like Jamil Abdur-Rahman. Customs agents rarely make you feel welcome."

Jamil warns us that Idries can be "passive-aggressive" and "holier than thou." So we have that to look forward to. Idries knows Tae Kwon Do, so anger-management is probably key with this guy.

The brothers' strategy is to stay "under the radar" and "befriend everybody." They expect to be "underestimated," which seems improbable. Jamil and Idries are young, strong, smart men, making them unlikely underdogs in The Amazing Race. But who knows? Maybe they're lunatics.

Season 22 of The Amazing Race premieres Sunday, February 17th on CBS.