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The Amazing Race News: Say It With An Express Pass

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Season 22 of The Amazing Race takes place in nine different countries on five different continents (sorry Antarctica, you've been left out yet again).

CBS says the Amazing Racers will "skydive from 10,000 feet in Bora Bora, participate in a Shemozzle race in New Zealand, hunt for scorpions with the Bushmen of Botswana and scale the treacherous north face of the Eiger Mountain in Switzerland." Wheee!

This season adds a new twist to the Express Pass. The first team to arrive at the first Pit Stop receives two Express Passes. That's right, TWO. That's one more Express Pass than they usually get.

But wait! There's more! One of the Express Passes must be given to another team before the end of the fourth leg. It's like a valentine! Except not only does it say "we like you guys!" it also allows them to skip a task of their choosing in a future leg.

Imagine the drama, the suspense, the unparalleled excitement of watching the winning team angst for three episodes over who gets the additional Express Pass. We're exhausted just thinking about it.

The Amazing Race 22 premieres Sunday, February 17th, on CBS.